Definition of custody in English:



mass noun
  • 1The protective care or guardianship of someone or something.

    ‘the property was placed in the custody of a trustee’
    • ‘For a long period, Chiprovtsi was the seat of the Bulgarian Catholic custody.’
    • ‘Some of the culture clash between care and custody can be dealt with.’
    • ‘On the same day, the society's motion for temporary care and custody was dismissed.’
    • ‘The pair will be disqualified from having custody or care of farm animals for five years.’
    • ‘Except as provided in another state statute, property located in Indiana or another state is subject to the custody of this state as unclaimed property if the property is presumed abandoned.’
    care, guardianship, charge, keeping, safe keeping, wardship, ward, responsibility, protection, guidance, tutelage
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    1. 1.1Law Responsibility for the care, maintenance, and upbringing of a child or children.
      ‘he was trying to get custody of their child’
      • ‘Really think about what kind of custody arrangement you would have with your spouse.’
      • ‘They described a California study in which joint custody was sometimes awarded to resolve familial conflicts.’
      • ‘He agreed not to contest my divorce petition and conceded custody of Julian to me.’
      • ‘After a divorce, men assume custody of boys over three years and girls over seven.’
      • ‘I've had sole custody of my son since he was 6.’
      • ‘Karl's father was awarded sole custody of the child and Ruth was permitted supervised visits.’
      • ‘Christopher is seeking legal and physical custody of the kids.’
      • ‘They threw it out, because the plaintiff did not have legal custody of his daughter.’
      • ‘In Burns, the mother had full custody of two children and the parents shared custody of a third child.’
      • ‘Of the remaining four fathers in this study, two reported that they had joint legal custody of their children.’
      • ‘The court then has a difficult task in determining which parent should have custody of Michael.’
      • ‘It is almost standard practice in divorce courts for custody of children to be given to the mother.’
      • ‘Sometimes this was because a parent who had custody of the children moved away and made little attempt to keep contact.’
      • ‘Once the bum is evicted, file a petition for divorce and temporary custody of the kids.’
      • ‘I am however prepared to grant the wife sole interim interim custody at this time.’
      • ‘Both the applicant and the respondent were seeking sole custody of the children.’
      • ‘In a divorce, fathers control custody of sons over the age of two and daughters over the age of seven.’
      • ‘The relevant legislation compels an absent parent to pay money to the parent with custody of the child.’
      • ‘In cases where a couple has a child out of wedlock, the child will take the name of the parent who has custody of the child.’
      • ‘In 1970s Britain, the idea that a father would be granted custody of a baby daughter was unheard of.’
  • 2Imprisonment.

    ‘my father was being taken into custody’
    • ‘Most were taken into custody during the international armed conflict in Afghanistan.’
    • ‘She was handcuffed and taken into custody, and then taken for medical treatment.’
    • ‘Joseph said information from the Police Commissioner indicated that 33 of the 111 were remanded in custody without bail.’
    • ‘All 19 men were taken into custody and transferred to a detention centre in Fallujah.’
    • ‘The three were taken into custody in connection with alleged plans to attack the US embassy in Paris.’
    • ‘The female magistrate had sat on the bench at the applicant's trial for escaping lawful custody.’
    • ‘Four others are in custody for suspected immigration offences and one has been released.’
    • ‘His own lawyers questioned India's authority to hold him in custody without bail based on an accusation alone.’
    • ‘They are in police custody awaiting court hearings about their deportations.’
    • ‘He agreed to stay in custody until his next court appearance scheduled in two weeks.’
    • ‘He was freed because of the time he had already spent in custody on remand.’
    • ‘She was arrested later that day and held in custody until her appearance yesterday.’
    • ‘The whole of the prisoners taken into custody on Monday were taken before G.W. Chambers Esq. on Tuesday.’
    • ‘He was taken to Westlea police station where he still remains in police custody awaiting further questioning.’
    • ‘Both brothers have already served nine months in custody on remand.’
    • ‘Some have been taken into custody because they lived in the same apartment buildings as the hijackers.’
    • ‘Our decision, if it goes against him, means that he is taken into custody now to serve his sentence?’
    • ‘Cooper will be held in custody until his next court appearance in May.’
    • ‘The two Libyans have now been in custody awaiting trial for 467 days.’
    • ‘According to the International Red Cross, a number of people apparently in U.S. custody are unaccounted for.’
    imprisonment, detention, confinement, incarceration, internment, captivity
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Late Middle English: from Latin custodia, from custos ‘guardian’.