Definition of custodian in English:



  • 1A person who has responsibility for taking care of or protecting something.

    ‘the custodians of pension and insurance funds’
    ‘the custodian of the Great Seal in Canada is always the Secretary of State’
    • ‘There may be no explicit provision in the Constitution of India making it necessary for the custodians of State authority to let the minorities have their due share in the country's institutions of governance.’
    • ‘Deputy Kenny said that farmers are the best custodians of the physical environment that we have and have always shown a responsibility in reacting to leadership in this area.’
    • ‘Mr Honner pointed out that farmers today have huge responsibilities as custodians of animals and the environment and as food producers.’
    • ‘When the society put the gardens and the Yorkshire Museum into trust in the early 1960s the custodian responsibility for them was put in the hands of the local authority.’
    • ‘‘In retirement, you still have responsibility as the custodian of patient records,’ says McGee.’
    • ‘Currently, though, and from a historical standpoint, the custodians and protectors of the document inspire little confidence.’
    • ‘Instead of being creators, custodians and disseminators of knowledge they become part of a network of players contributing to problems often identified by external organisations or communities.’
    • ‘A lot of the money was going to help firefighters and policemen, and not a lot was for custodians or attendants or restaurant workers.’
    • ‘It is for this reason that there is urgent need for authorities to do an on-the-spot check of the assets as required by law so that the rightful custodians take care of the property.’
    • ‘He may own the majority shareholding but he is only the present custodian.’
    • ‘As he points out, one of the cornerstones of the new concept of multifunctional agriculture envisaged by the EU for its farmers is to promote and support the role of farmers as custodians of the countryside.’
    • ‘The state custodians had failed to discharge their responsibility to protect investors from being swindled by unscrupulous people who were determined to enrich themselves at all costs.’
    • ‘Sometimes their role as custodians and protectors of biodiversity is not even acknowledged.’
    • ‘Physicians, health authorities and other custodians are responsible for explaining to their patients why information is being collected and how it will be used, shared and protected.’
    • ‘In the final analysis, the national museums are the only custodians of these treasures.’
    • ‘To do so, the taxpayer must instruct the IRA custodian to recharacterize the contribution.’
    • ‘As prisoners, they were totally at the mercy of their guards, their custodians, who have a responsibility to take care of them.’
    • ‘The system enhances the patient-provider relationship by designating a patient's principal care provider as the custodian and administrator of the patient's record in the system.’
    • ‘However the hotel industry has to make an effort to benefit the countryside since farmers are its custodians.’
    • ‘Another key outcome of these new initiatives is to increase the number of custodians guiding the quality of urban design in our cities.’
    curator, keeper, conservator, guardian, overseer, superintendent
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    1. 1.1US A person employed to clean and maintain a building.
      • ‘Cassie got her things watching the custodians clean the floor and bathrooms.’
      • ‘I was the first of eighteen cousins to earn more than one master's degree, and yet the only job I could find in my town was as an elementary school custodian.’
      • ‘He was a carpenter, millwright, agent, and building custodian.’
      • ‘The deal gave promotions and added seniority to 59 minorities who are employed as custodians by the city's school board.’
      • ‘The service workers, many of whom are immigrants and minorities, perform a wide range of jobs at the UC, serving as custodians, food servers, cooks, bus drivers, mail deliverers and grounds keepers.’
      • ‘Pogo found that at six nuclear facilities the security guards were paid anywhere from $1 to $4 less per hour than custodians and janitors working at the same plant.’
      • ‘It is estimated about 20 percent of the district's 1,300 custodians, cafeteria workers, secretaries and library workers took part in the sickout.’
      • ‘My son-in-law tells me that Hillis was the custodian at Georgia Brown School when he got his first teaching job in Paso.’
      • ‘Fortunately, the school was not in session at the time and the custodians working in the building were unharmed.’
      • ‘The decision impacts some 250 workers - nursing assistants, laundry workers, custodians - at the county-owned nursing home.’
      • ‘He would never do that; he was not a custodian or a janitor.’
    2. 1.2British humorous A goalkeeper or wicketkeeper.
      • ‘Six minutes later, Kabwe levelled the scores for Indeni when his well-executed free-kick taken from the edge of the box beat the Rangers custodian Dan Mulenga.’
      • ‘James was replaced by Robert Green of Norwich City at half-time, and it could have proved a disastrous debut for the young custodian.’
      • ‘Tomas Rosicky leathers it goalwards from 20 yards, but he'll need to do better to beat former Crystal Palace custodian Aleksandrs Kolinko.’
      • ‘In the 1982 World Cup, the Russian custodian had revolutionised goal-keeping on penalty corners.’
      • ‘The goalkeeping situation is ideal with intense competition for the shirt between new arrival Petr Cech and last season's custodian, Claudio Ranieri.’
      • ‘Bridge keeper Cyril Sharrock was by far the busier of the two custodians.’
      • ‘Giggs tries to slip Fortune through, one-on-one with Baia, only for the luxuriantly coiffured custodian to spring from his line and claim the ball.’
      • ‘Life is just taking off for the young custodian, rushing into a brave, new world.’
      • ‘Kenji Onda put Japan ahead in the fourth minute, scoring on the rebound after Yasuaki Nishimura's penalty-corner push was blocked by the Korean custodian.’
      • ‘Unfortunately for the Alfreton custodian he was standing a yard behind the goaline.’
      • ‘Sohail's initial flick was blocked by onrushing GB custodian Jimi Lewis.’
      • ‘Orissa custodian Poonam Toppar bagged the best goalkeeper award.’
      • ‘The India custodian is familiar with body language, in his case the focus is on forwards barging into the goalmouth.’
      • ‘Goal-keeper Ahmed Alam has his best years behind him and the other custodian, Salman Agbar, clearly was not in the international class as yet.’
      • ‘With the Dutch custodian Frank Leistra cast in the role of a coach now, the quality of work under the bar will see some improvement.’
      • ‘Custodian Salman Akber also played a vital role in his team's triumph.’
      • ‘There are no such custodian capers at Chelsea with Petr Cech having established himself as the undisputed number one.’
      • ‘Avenue's second-half custodian Jon Worsnop made some good saves.’
      • ‘Coach Kaushik was all praise for the Indian custodian Helen Mary.’
      • ‘Konstantinos Chalkias may very well be an excellent custodian but it's fair to say that his performances since taking the jersey haven't inspired confidence.’


Late 18th century: from custody, on the pattern of guardian.