Definition of custard square in English:

custard square


  • A square cake consisting of a thick block of custard sandwiched between pastry layers.

    ‘choose the cafe that does the best custard squares’
    • ‘The Village Bakery has the best custard squares in the world.’
    • ‘They stopped for a pie and a custard square during a break in filming.’
    • ‘Sixty-thousand custard squares were exported on Saturday headed for the Australian market.’
    • ‘Kremsnita look like a superior, and rather large, custard square but with the addition under the top layer of very fluffy pastry of about a centimetre of fresh cream.’
    • ‘Homemade pizzas are good and we used to have a cook who made her own custard squares.’
    • ‘Alternatively savour a beer with our venison burger and fries and indulge in our famous carrot cake or custard square.’
    • ‘Her favourite recipes from the book were the custard square, ginger kisses and the kiwi favourite, mince and cheese pie.’
    • ‘A few outdoor areas are designated for eaters who want to nip out for a quick custard square.’
    • ‘The cakes baked are those popular in the Edwardian era - Shrewsbury biscuits, custard squares, lamingtons and cream buns.’
    • ‘It would have to be hot cross buns, though he admits being partial to a good custard square.’