Definition of custard marrow in English:

custard marrow


  • A summer squash of a variety which has flattened round fruits with scalloped edges.

    • ‘Don't forget to include the miniature pumpkins such as ` Baby Bear’ and ` Jack Be Little ’, the bottle gourds and the custard marrow.’
    • ‘It is christophine or brionne in much of the West Indies, chochoute in Madagascar and Polynesia, xuxu in Brazil, and chocho, custard marrow, pepinella, and vegetable pear in various other parts of the world.’
    • ‘It's sometimes known as a custard squash or custard marrow and can be cooked in a similar way to courgettes.’
    • ‘Sechium edule, also called custard marrow, vegetable pear, mirliton, christophine, choko, and many other names, is a fruit of the gourd family which is peculiar in having one large seed.’
    • ‘All fruits commonly classed as vegetables: peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes and most pumpkins (some, such as custard marrows, are really too sweet).’
    • ‘It is often sold in stores under different names including mirliton, vegetable pear, sapote, huisquil, mango squash, pear squash, custard marrow, pipinella, cho cho, xu-xu, fut shau kua, ngow-lai choi, tsai hsio li, hayato uri, and tao tah.’
    • ‘In autumn marrows, pumpkins, custard marrows and other vegetables grown right there are widely sold.’
    • ‘But the name that describes it perfectly is custard marrow.’
    • ‘It soon made its way from the New World to the Old, and in England became known as the custard marrow, and in France as patisson panaché.’