Definition of custard cream in English:

custard cream


  • A biscuit with a vanilla-flavoured cream filling.

    • ‘We sat around the table drinking tea and eating custard creams.’
    • ‘And chief among the affections of British biscuit lovers is the custard cream, which last year was voted the nation's favourite.’
    • ‘Jenny Finch snapped a custard cream in two.’
    • ‘Many are the tedious meetings I have sat through where the only relief was to be found in a custard cream.’
    • ‘I'll start with the good bits, such as the feather-light dark and white chocolate torte with a vanilla custard cream.’
    • ‘From now on, though, it'll be bargain brand custard creams all round.’
    • ‘When I was very little it contained a selection of biscuits including malted milks, morning coffees, digestives and custard creams.’
    • ‘I gave blood for a custard cream.’
    • ‘A few custard creams and off we go to the tropical ravine, for the jungle scene.’
    • ‘I can't help thinking that if we were in England we'd be sitting in a school hall with milky tea, custard creams and no toilet rolls.’
    • ‘Custard creams retail for about 19 pence.’
    • ‘Having a packet of custard creams in a desk drawer suddenly seems such a sensible idea.’
    • ‘She says a Jaffa Cake shows someone who is creative and imaginative, while a traditional custard cream indicates reliability.’
    • ‘And they're there to give you a cup of coffee and couple of custard creams to help you recover from your ' flu jab.’
    • ‘You'll find that mobiles are a lot smaller now, " he said, pointing at some object not much larger than a custard cream.’
    • ‘Could I interest you in a custard cream?’
    • ‘They even made me a mug of hot chocolate and offered me a custard cream while we chatted.’
    • ‘All we were offered were packets of sweet custard creams and chocolates.’
    • ‘Custard creams won't fix this one.’
    • ‘Nigel Slater eats them with goat's cheese and rounds off with cherries, berries - and custard creams.’