Definition of cussedness in English:



  • See cussed

    • ‘He's 72 now, and there's a certain cussedness to his bone-dry directorial style that suggests it's a job he should now do less.’
    • ‘His years as a player have been characterised by the cussedness of never knowing when to yield.’
    • ‘It's basically a bet on human cussedness, the belief that history shows that humans can turn any apparent eventuality on its head, if we work at it hard enough.’
    • ‘His plight is also about entrenched bureaucratic cussedness, bad laws and anti-citizen legal procedures and practices.’
    • ‘Life isn't all about black and white or right or wrong, and if we can't tolerate some degree of weakness or even cussedness, then, like the puritans of New England, we've lost a vital part of our humanity.’
    • ‘It can be viewed as yet another manifestation of the awkwardness, or cussedness, of organisms.’
    • ‘His attributes are impressive: natural, aggressive running ability, a break-neck pace and a cussedness, guarding his territory like a dog with a bone.’
    • ‘Mercifully, amid this sea of grey conformity, there are a few non-apparatchiks with the savvy and cussedness to highlight awkward issues without bothering to worry about being caned by that tyrant.’
    • ‘However, had we, like the Highlanders in aftermath of the 1745 rebellion, been told we were not allowed to wear the kilt, we might well have gone ahead and done so out of sheer cussedness.’
    • ‘Sometimes, out of sheer cussedness, I say ‘Is this seat free?’’
    • ‘Artistically, though, he deserves a volume to himself, albeit one with tales of cussedness and strife strewn among the creative triumphs.’
    • ‘I'm driven more by cussedness and outrage at injustice than I am by any ideology.’
    • ‘If you have that extra cussedness - call it professionalism if you like - then you can turn bad days into good ones.’
    • ‘A natural tenacity and cussedness led her to espouse many causes which today are taken for granted - women's rights and contraception, for example - but which were then considered slightly odd.’
    • ‘When the film was finally screened last week, it quickly became clear that his jumpy demands and general cussedness have paid off.’
    • ‘Amidst this unnerving display of journalistic cussedness, some Gujarati newspapers tried hard to sustain professional standards.’
    • ‘As he grew older, this cussedness became more pronounced, until his hatred of benighted autocratic states led him in the eyes of many to betray his left-wing views altogether.’
    • ‘Such cussedness is rarely endearing to those whose job it is to make the government machine run smoothly.’
    • ‘Not until he turns to walk back to the house does he reveal the mixture of cussedness and sheer obstinacy that makes him try to climb the highest peaks in the racing landscape.’
    • ‘At other times, I reproach myself for pure cussedness.’