Definition of cussed in English:



  • Awkward; annoying.

    ‘why do you have to be so cussed?’
    • ‘That cussed attitude was latent in the club but we've managed to get it back.’
    • ‘Eventually, the Mail succumbed, a victim of increased competition, incompetent, unsympathetic executives, in - house spies and its cussed refusal to play the government game.’
    • ‘This was typical of them - cussed, contrary fools to the end.’
    • ‘It's typical of Geldof's cussed character that he chafes at becoming a saint rather than a famous songwriter.’
    • ‘With Howard due to attend APEC in Beijing next week and play the international statesman, Beazley's cussed luck continues.’
    • ‘From time to time, those cussed folks break the mold of the old politics.’
    • ‘It is all because of the cussed randomness of organic chemistry and the whole firearm system.’
    • ‘Charged with cussed journalistic zeal, we demanded more: and made for the MSPs gents' toilets.’
    • ‘Sometimes they do it just to keep us on our toes, but most of the time it's innocent, based on the cussed randomness of nature and the fact we're trying to measure within a system having at least six independent variables.’
    • ‘The cussed and cursed club may or, more likely now, may not move from Elland Road.’
    • ‘While his team has shown the cussed qualities needed to survive in football at this level, it has been this fellow here who has caught the eye with his quick thinking and ability to turn and lose his marker in one movement.’
    • ‘For someone who never really was a great talent, it is a tribute to his cussed nature and strong will that he played 96 tests.’
    • ‘Jed certainly reacted well, though, putting together a few nice phases while continuing to be their usual cussed selves in defence.’
    • ‘Really, it seems downright cussed of Paramount not to include a single goody.’
    • ‘Much as they are needed, even desperately needed, the cussed nature of populist politics may throw a spanner in the works.’
    • ‘The world of sport is a breeding ground for clichés and for long Waugh has been seen as a cussed old fiend, fighting till the very end.’
    • ‘Granted, these days it needs a particularly determined and cussed individual to not carry anything that could be used to at least take a stab at identifying them.’
    • ‘Now I'll admit to being one of those cussed types that supports the underdog, especially if the underdog refuses to tune the guitar properly, but sometimes you have to shut up, listen and watch your prejudices burn away.’
    • ‘A nascent neo - nationalism is emerging but so too is a cussed independence.’
    • ‘He tackles like he really means it, hits rucks like he really means it and gets his body in the most cussed of positions.’
    annoying, infuriating, exasperating, maddening, trying, tiresome, vexing, vexatious, irksome, galling, troublesome, bothersome, provoking, displeasing
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Mid 19th century (originally US): variant of cursed.