Definition of cuspid in English:



  • A tooth with a single cusp or point; a canine tooth.

    • ‘He looks a tad constipated to me, that or he has just emitted built-up gas and is clenching his carpentered cuspids in embarrassment.’
    • ‘Posterolingually there is a deep narrow fold, which disappears in the advanced wear stage, leaving a narrow paraconid and a broad posterior cuspid that occupies two-thirds of the premolar length.’
    • ‘Incisors cut food, and cuspid and bicuspid teeth grasp and tear food.’
    • ‘The posterior cuspid (or cuspids if there are six) accounts for about one-third of the length of the tooth.’
    • ‘The margin of the talonid is surrounded by a series of cusps (‘cuspids,’ actually, since this is a lower jaw molar) which enclose a talonid basin.’


Mid 18th century: from Latin cuspis, cuspid- ‘point or apex’.