Definition of cusimanse in English:


(also kusimanse)


  • A small gregarious mongoose with a dark brown coat and a long mobile snout, native to West Africa.

    Crossarchus obscurus, family Herpestidae. Alternative name: long-nosed mongoose

    • ‘Young cusimanses are born following an eight week gestation period.’
    • ‘The cusimanse was found dead in its hospital cage on February 20 (NZP, Medical Record, Accession #110332).’
    • ‘Most of the information available on the cusimanse derives from observation in captivity, and very few field studies have been conducted.’
    • ‘Most of the information known about the cusimanse has been gathered from data of animals in captivity.’
    • ‘Some experts now divide this large, diverse family into two, with the mongoose, meerkat and cusimanse in the Herpestidae Family.’
    • ‘They live in the same enclosure as our colobus monkeys with their delightful baby, Ebony, together with our Diana monkeys and some cusimanses.’


Mid 19th century: probably a local word in West Africa.