Definition of cushion star in English:

cushion star


  • A small shallow-water starfish with a broad body and very short blunt arms.

    Asterina and related genera, class Asteroidea, in particular A. gibbosa of the NE Atlantic

    Also called starlet
    • ‘At the deeper end of the site, watch for big grouper, white eyed moray eels and blue spotted fantail rays among the hard corals, cushion stars and top shells.’
    • ‘Mobile animals such as chitons, snails, sea slugs, crabs and various starfish including featherstars, sun stars and cushion stars are to be found.’
    • ‘Sea fans, coral heads, cushion stars, sea urchins, sea slugs, sea horses and several species are sea cucumbers are very common.’
    • ‘And also because of its water vascular system, because without it the cushion star and other echinoderms can't move.’
    • ‘Culcita cushion stars have shorter arms and a pentagonal shape.’
    • ‘Most starfish are predators, but cushion stars are vegetarians, which feed by pushing the stomach through the mouth and plastering it onto the rock to digest tiny algae.’
    • ‘Everything preys on something else: bright-orange cushion stars eat the soft corals, big red-and-white sunstars eat the cushion stars.’
    • ‘The class Asteroidea is not limited just to simple sea stars, but also include the cushion stars, horned sea stars, and pincushion stars.’
    • ‘The cushion star is vertically distributed between the depths of sea level and the intertidal to 130 meters, yet littoral cushion stars are only found in rock pools and relatively damp habitats.’
    • ‘To help protect itself from fish and other predators, the cushion star releases huge amounts of mucus.’
    • ‘The cushion star is the most common starfish found on Cornwall's rocky shores, typically under rocks around the low tide mark.’
    • ‘Not only is it common to find cushion stars, we also saw brittle stars, sponges, tunicates, and calcareous algae.’
    • ‘Among the starfish we found the familiar sun stars and cushion stars encountered in Scottish waters as well as purple sun stars.’
    • ‘Anemones, bubble corals, soft tree corals, sea cucumbers and cushion stars harboured tiny shrimps and crabs, while seahorses lurked among algae.’
    • ‘Panamic cushion stars spot the bottom, from the surface, they appear brown, but when one dives to come in close, they are actually an orange-red color with darker spots.’
    • ‘We also found numerous cushion stars and bloody-toothed bonnets, along with anemones, tunicates, sea urchins, spiny sea stars, and sea cucumbers.’
    • ‘A great shoal of yellow snappers obscures the sea bed, parting gently at our progress and revealing a warren of large boulders studded with cushion stars covered in luminescent orange spots.’
    • ‘It is small (15 mm max. diameter) pentagonal cushion star with short arms and bluntly rounded tips.’
    • ‘Because of this ‘slime’, cushion stars are also commonly called Slime Stars.’
    • ‘There are also top shells, chitons and beautifully marked sea slugs plus marine animals including crabs, feather stars and other star fish such as cushion stars and sun stars.’