Definition of curtain fire in English:

curtain fire

(US curtain of fire)


mass nounBritish
  • Rapid, continuous artillery or machine-gun fire on a designated line or area.

    ‘their artillery used curtain fire to trap the Austrian forces in their deep trenches’
    • ‘To deprive the enemy of a possibility to fire at the attacking units a dense curtain of fire (ordinary or double barrage) is created or a consistent concentration of fire if hastily established defenses are attacked.’
    • ‘Our curtain fire and our rifle fire inflicted serious losses on the enemy, who had to fall back in disorder, leaving 200 prisoners in our hands, of whom six were officers.’
    • ‘Zombie American soldiers perished under the deadly curtain of fire just like everyone else.’
    • ‘A violent bombardment of the French lines near Nieuport, Belgium, evidently intended as the prelude of a German offensive movement, took place today, but the infantry charge which was to have followed it was smothered in the German trenches by the French curtain of fire.’
    • ‘But pilots said they were forced to abandon most of their targets because of an intense curtain of fire that rose from streets, roofs and backyards, hitting nearly all their aircraft.’