Definition of curtain call in English:

curtain call


  • The appearance of one or more performers on stage after a performance to acknowledge the audience's applause.

    ‘they were taking a curtain call together’
    • ‘As each of us was introduced and presented with a bouquet for our support of Russian ballet over the years, we in turn shyly stood up and took a bashful curtain call before the Bolshoi audience.’
    • ‘Here is soul-sustaining entertainment for anyone who can perceive that, even in a retirement home, all the stage is a world, one we all act on and must eventually bow out of without a curtain call.’
    • ‘It was most obvious during the curtain call when the cast looked everywhere but at the audience.’
    • ‘Even the curtain call takes a particularly gruesome form.’
    • ‘Scene 3: The actors receive a standing ovation at the curtain call.’
    • ‘It will be a vicious irony if a far-right Home Secretary is allowed to take the curtain call for the onstage achievements of predecessors who loathe his approach.’
    • ‘A few minutes later Grace rejoined the cast on stage for the curtain call, stepping forwards with Faust to curtsy once, twice, three times to a deafening applause.’
    • ‘As I had prepared for the curtain call, side stage, the dancers busily congratulating me and smiles coming from all corners of the theatre, thumbs up you name it everything!’
    • ‘She was at center stage making her curtain call…’
    • ‘At the curtain call it was almost a revelation, there they all were, four of them.’
    • ‘During a curtain call after a performance at New York's Joyce SoHo Theater, there is a standing ovation.’
    • ‘No doubt with a fat, embarrassed director reluctantly getting onstage for the curtain call.’
    • ‘Seconds later he emerged from the dugout for a curtain call to acknowledge the loud cheering and doffed his cap.’
    • ‘This one can be a little harsh, but I know we all felt better about the world around us when the Fenway crowd gave the pitcher a curtain call in his last appearance there.’
    • ‘Certainly at the curtain call they both wore a mixed expression of disbelief at their reception and genuine delight at the effect they had created in the theatre.’
    • ‘After the curtain call, the back stage halls are filled with chatter and laughter.’
    • ‘It was an enthusiastic audience that greeted the curtain call.’
    • ‘The show is perhaps a little obvious and it veers towards the sentimental, but it is also charming and wistful and is performed with flair and energy right down to the final curtain call.’
    • ‘You can feel how much he is loved at the curtain call especially.’
    • ‘Both authors vividly describe James' subsequent embarrassment at being jeered off the stage during the curtain call for the play.’
    clapping, handclapping, cheering, whistling, ovation, standing ovation, acclamation, cheers, whistles, bravos
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curtain call