Definition of cursedly in English:



dated, informal
  • See cursed

    • ‘The rest of the book remains cursedly metal-free, yet filled to the brim with confused laddies.’
    • ‘But I was foolish then, spirited and wilful, and so cursedly nearsighted.’
    • ‘Many an egret has cursedly cawed my name as it rose slowly over the little lake.’
    • ‘The two of you will smoke imported cigarettes and indulge in endless, disaffected talks about the futility of life, the myth that is love and the wretched darkness of your over-educated, cursedly privileged souls.’
    • ‘For example, as Tad and Kate fall in love, it's splashed across the screen in cursedly peppy montages, scored to cursedly peppy chart-toppers, but there's a smirk and a witty jab in all of them.’
    • ‘Perhaps they demonstrate that these qualities are even encouraged by the cursedly interesting times in which we live.’
    • ‘I am swallowing the last bites of the eternity, while somewhere there in the empty darkness, empty form sobbing, the night is shrinking cursedly, night is preparing the attacks on my feelings,’
    • ‘I suffered a couple of major setbacks in my mission to make some pairs of socks (cursedly inspired by the seemingly simple TechGuy socks).’
    • ‘Gradually it became clear to me that I had landed outside the English lines, but cursedly near them.’
    • ‘The ability to taste lived on, cursedly at first, and like a stroke victim who has suffered brain damage and must relearn the basics, Burl rediscovered the pleasures his tongue could hold.’
    • ‘Uncle Leopold, whom no gift could dazzle, afterwards said that the presentation cake ‘stank cursedly and wouldn't lather,’ when he sought to use it ‘out of compliment to M. Lever.’’