Definition of current assets in English:

current assets

plural noun

  • Cash and other assets that are expected to be converted to cash within a year.

    Compare with fixed assets
    • ‘Although this was similar in many ways to previous statements, it placed greater emphasis upon the proper valuation of current assets on the balance sheet.’
    • ‘The struggle is to find a formula that allows companies to leverage current assets and attract enough eyeballs to get advertising and e-commerce dollars rolling in.’
    • ‘A firm with negative working capital is likely to experience problems meeting its short-term obligations - because there are simply not enough current assets to cover them.’
    • ‘For example, defining the relationships between assets, current assets and inventory would be applicable to many balance sheets.’
    • ‘Apparently this has caused ‘significant over-statement of current assets and under-statement of liabilities’, while the fixed assets ‘are still the subject of the financial review’.’
    • ‘As you may know, bonus is a function of surplus funds available after adjusting for future liabilities and current assets.’
    • ‘So, current assets include cash, accounts receivable, inventory, prepaid expenses and other assets that can be converted to cash within one year.’
    • ‘However, the current assets on which this will be built look rather neglected at present.’
    • ‘Direct response advertising costs are capitalized as other current assets and charged to expense in the period the events occur.’
    • ‘The diocesan central fund accounts show it has tangible fixed assets worth €6,800 as well as current assets in the form of debtors and education investment of around €575,000.’
    • ‘On the top of the ‘Income Statement’, find revenues; on the ‘Balance Sheet’ under current assets, you will find accounts receivable.’
    • ‘The acid test ratio is similar to the current ratio but eliminates the inventory figure in the current assets section of the balance sheet.’
    • ‘This far outweighs its immediately available funds, which including cash, cash equivalents and other current assets, stand at €41.3m.’
    • ‘The largest increase in current assets was in cash balances.’
    • ‘Three types of assets are included in the balance sheet: current assets, fixed assets and intangible assets.’
    • ‘Both current assets and total assets were up slightly, 7 and 5 percent, respectively, for the 294 co-ops surveyed.’
    • ‘The firm had current assets of $18.8m on its balance sheet, down $12m sequentially.’
    • ‘The key benefit of our products is that they provide working capital finance that is linked to the value of your current assets and short term cash requirements of the business.’
    • ‘While performing calculations relating to gross profit analysis, cash ratios and decreasing cash to total current assets, unexplained variances become illuminated.’
    • ‘The company had $3.2m in current assets on its September 30 balance sheet.’