Definition of currawong in English:



  • A songbird of the Australian butcher-bird family, with mainly black or grey plumage, a robust straight bill, and a resonant call.

    Genus Strepera, family Cracticidae: three species

    Also called bell magpie
    • ‘In addition to the Magpie-larks, currawongs, and magpies, I saw a Little Pied Cormorant diving for fish.’
    • ‘Birds such as currawongs are increasing in number and competing with smaller birds for food and habitat, while ibis are growing bolder in their dealings with people.’
    • ‘I snapped these two fat galahs a few minutes ago, with a currawong in the background.’
    • ‘And the currawongs would just tease her unmercifully.’
    • ‘On the beaches he noted black duck, grey and chestnut teal, black currawongs, blue wrens and waders feeding among bull kelp where kelp flies bred, their maggots the staple diet along the exposed coastline.’


1920s: from an Aboriginal word.