Definition of curly-haired in English:



  • Having hair that forms curls or ringlets.

    ‘a curly-haired young man’
    • ‘The curly-haired star accidentally tripped over the cute dog as he left the venue, but ever the sweetheart, bent down to make sure it was ok, much to the enjoyment of its female owners.’
    • ‘Despite being one fifth of the world's hottest boy band with a sizzling girlfriend, the curly-haired cheeky chappie seemed to enjoy a rather low-key day.’
    • ‘This really helps to prevent the frizz that curly-haired folks have if the air contains lots of moisture.’
    • ‘For curly-haired folks, using a flat iron depends on each client's needs.’
    • ‘Curly-haired crooner Harry can be seen bundled up in a black jacket and a pair of ski goggles as he holds his skis over his shoulder.’
    • ‘The curly-haired crooner made girls scream, winning hearts across the globe.’
    • ‘The curly-haired singer is no doubt feeling very positive about her upcoming performance this weekend.’
    • ‘The American icon made her first film at just 4 years old and quickly gained fame as the curly-haired cutie of the 1930s.’
    • ‘The curly-haired wonder came closest to turning the 0-0 draw into an away win.’
    • ‘Instead of being joined by her curly-haired husband on Friday evening, she rubbed shoulders with a variety of other celebrities.’
    • ‘He sported a curly-haired mullet and distinct mustache, quoted big-name authors and read poetry aloud.’
    • ‘The curly-haired heart-throb has also been busy filming his first feature film.’
    • ‘The curly-haired singer used to work as a full-time waiter, although by the sounds of it you'd never want him serving your table.’