Definition of curling tongs in English:

curling tongs

(also curling pins)

plural noun

  • A device incorporating a heated rod used for rolling a person's hair into curls.

    • ‘You can ditch your curling iron with this easy, modern do.’
    • ‘Here, we dried the hair and then used a large barrel curling iron to curl it under.’
    • ‘This includes hair dryers, curling irons, and room heaters.’
    • ‘She used a medium-barrel curling iron to turn the hair under and over before finger-styling it.’
    • ‘Curl with either rollers or curling iron, remove ponytail and brush out.’
    • ‘When I had finished showering, I started up the curling iron and blow-dried my hair until it was barely damp.’
    • ‘Then, using medium- and large-barrel curling irons, she created soft, light curls that can easily be fingered into shape.’
    • ‘He then bumped the hair with a curling iron to mold ends, and shaped it with a claw comb.’
    • ‘I blow-dried my hair and started the curling iron heating while I thought.’
    • ‘Human hair wigs can be restyled using heating devices, such as curling irons.’
    • ‘I then took the small curling iron and spiral curled the rest of her hair.’
    • ‘Use a curling iron or add heated curlers to make the curls.’
    • ‘If you usually slick your hair back in a neat ponytail, put a curling iron to the test and wear your hair long and wavy.’
    • ‘Skip the curling iron in the morning - if done faithfully, you should have enough wave for daily styling.’
    • ‘There's no holiday hairstyling tool that's more versatile and more essential than the curling iron.’
    • ‘Then he flipped sections of the hair with a curling iron and separated the bangs into chunky pieces for an edgy finish.’
    • ‘Another thing to remember is that synthetic wigs cannot be styled with curling irons, hot rollers or blow dryers.’
    • ‘Although heat drying and curling irons are part of this newscaster's daily grind, she balances them with consistent conditioning and moisturizing.’
    • ‘The counter was cluttered with hair products, curling irons, brushes and cosmetics.’
    • ‘Curl large sections of the hair with a curling iron.’


curling tongs