Definition of curb cut in English:

curb cut


  • North American term for dropped kerb
    • ‘But being born in 1942 long before disability acts, equal access laws, and curb cuts, he never attended school.’
    • ‘It's much like when wheelchair considerations paid for curb cuts but soon 99 percent of their use was for things that would never have paid their way - baby carriages, skateboards, wheeled suitcases, bicycles, and so on.’
    • ‘Take the curb cut, those dips in sidewalks created for people using wheelchairs.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the front sidewalks are uninterrupted by driveway curb cuts, enhancing the pedestrian environment and making the houses look placed in a garden.’
    • ‘A federal judge ruled that private parties could sue an Ohio city for the discriminatory impact of its failure to create curb cuts in its sidewalks.’