Definition of cupric in English:



  • Of copper with a valency of two; of copper(II).

    Compare with cuprous
    • ‘These reactions depend on the ability of the reducing sugar to convert cupric sulfate to cuprous oxide with a resulting color change.’
    • ‘True verdigris is actually a coating of cupric carbonate formed by weathering on copper, brass and bronze from age.’
    • ‘The oxidizing fluxes usually include cupric oxide or manganese dioxide, which decompose at copper alloy melting temperatures to generate the oxygen required.’
    • ‘Briefly, the washed hair was digested in an alkaline solution, complexed by cysteine, urea, and cupric ion, then acidified with sulfuric acid.’
    • ‘Without chromium, however, this alloy is vulnerable to corrosion attack in reducing acids when oxidizing salts such as ferric or cupric chloride are present, even in the parts-per-million range.’


Late 18th century: from late Latin cuprum ‘copper’ + -ic.