Definition of cuprammonium in English:



  • as modifier A complex ion, Cu(NH₃)₄²⁺, formed in solution when ammonia is added to copper salts. The solution is deep blue and is used to dissolve cellulose.

    • ‘By contrast, the cuprammonium rayon fibers are made from cotton linters as main raw material.’
    • ‘This fiber, which was developed by a group of British scientists only a year after the cuprammonium type was first created, involves treating the cellulose with sodium hydroxide followed by carbon disulfide to create cellulose xanthate.’
    • ‘This paper deals with the preparation and characterization of keratin/cellulose films prepared by coagulating polymers blends from cuprammonium solution.’
    • ‘The two most commonly used production methods for rayon are the cuprammonium process and the viscose process.’
    • ‘If ammonia is added to a copper compound then a deep blue solution called cuprammonium hydroxide is formed.’