Definition of cumbrousness in English:



  • See cumbrous

    • ‘The higher self craves freedom from the cumbrousness, the limitations, the pains and disabilities of the body.’
    • ‘Over time, its descendants became ever more adept at swimming and paid for their aquatic prowess with increasing cumbrousness on land.’
    • ‘We want to be lifted above the cumbrousness of the mortal body - above the pains of the mortal body - above the death of the mortal body.’
    • ‘Not a small part of this new cumbrousness is due to the loss of distinctions between words, the misuse of words, and other abuses of language.’
    • ‘In them the movement is, as a rule, only swift when compared with the normal pace of armies, and the cumbrousness and elaboration of the military machine lessen the feeling of personal adventure.’