Definition of cumbersomely in English:



  • See cumbersome

    • ‘Its turning circle is cumbersomely, and sometimes terrifyingly, wide.’
    • ‘On this cumbersomely titled solo outing, he gets a chance to explore what is clearly a lifelong fascination with traditional blues and folk forms, choosing to present them in as authentic a context as possible.’
    • ‘I lay down on my back, legs cumbersomely bent beneath me.’
    • ‘It's cumbersomely long for an advertisement, but not long or substantial enough to satisfy as entertainment; still, it's an unusual bit of ephemera and offers a taste of the way the film was promoted.’
    • ‘She slung her bag cumbersomely about her neck and tucked it under one arm then slid off of her bed and took quite a few seconds to look around the room, apparently absorbing everything.’