Definition of culminant in English:



  • At or forming the top or highest point.

    • ‘But if those are not ‘starting points’ (because the start is just another terminus, because trauma is both constitutive and culminant) what is the result?’
    • ‘The projection of this curve, consisting of the culminant points, and called the ‘crest line’, onto the plane defined by the surface of the sole may be straight or of winding shape.’
    • ‘This brief delirium is, however, only a foretaste of the culminant visual disturbance in the novel.’
    • ‘There was some suggestion elsewhere that the end tip of a tornado is actually a culminant gravitation centre of attraction, whether the tornado has touched down or not.’
    • ‘The translation represents Dante's autobiography as a prolepsis of the culminant visions in the Paradiso.’