Definition of cuddy in English:



  • 1A donkey.

    • ‘His daily preview of the South African cards is being syndicated by the Press Association with a view to giving punters in betting shops half a chance of deciphering the form of the local cuddies.’
    • ‘Would a Regional Parliament for the North East feel the need to legislate about the welfare of cuddies instead of horses and cattle?’
    • ‘I have observed countless team-mates attempting to augment cash flow by the traditional methods of cards, cuddies and casinos.’
    • ‘Last week a friend was certain that he was on to a profit, because his friend in an ownership syndicate had told him they all fancied their cuddy and were going to have that month's mortgage money on it.’
    • ‘According to reports the other day, we will be doomed in February 2019, when asteroid 2002 NT7 smacks into planet Earth considerably faster than any of my cuddies have run.’
  • 2A stupid person.

    ‘you great soft cuddy!’
    • ‘The cuddy will almost certainly win, but you might find yourself punching the smugness off the sponsor's/owner's face and spending a night in the cells, as happened to an unfortunate friend of mine.’
    idiot, fool, stupid person, simpleton, moron, cretin, imbecile, ignoramus, oaf, dunce, dolt, dullard, nincompoop, duffer, jackass
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Early 18th century: perhaps a pet form of the given name Cuthbert, once popular in Scotland and northern England.