Definition of cuckoo in the nest in English:

cuckoo in the nest


  • An unwelcome intruder in a place or situation.

    • ‘At first Deakin seemed a cuckoo in the Berry nest - what would later be called a class traitor.’
    • ‘But what once looked like a fledgling of which they might be proud has turned into a cuckoo in the nest.’
    • ‘Where once Nato was about European protection, is it not now becoming the cuckoo in the nest of European ambitions?’
    • ‘The collapse of Psion's joint venture with Motorola is major bad news for the British company, but isn't likely to cause significant ripples for the cuckoo in the Psion nest, Symbian.’
    • ‘It is about time the BBC got a grip and culled these cuckoos in its nest.’