Definition of cryptomeria in English:



  • A tall conical coniferous tree with long, curved, spirally arranged leaves and short cones. Native to China and Japan, it is grown for timber in Japan.

    Also called Japanese cedar
    • ‘My soul was thrilled with the invigorating freshness of the verdure and moved by the echo in the mystic murmur of the ancient cryptomeria and camphor trees that half conceal the simple and sacred edifice.’
    • ‘Back on the path, he finds the cryptomerias crowding about him ever more thickly.’
    • ‘His photographs of haze-covered hills and dark cryptomeria forests conspire with the texts to draw the viewer into a reassuring fantasy.’
    • ‘Even trees of great age, beauty, and cultural significance-the stately rows of pines along the Tokaido highway, the ancient avenue of cryptomeria leading to the Nikko Shrine-were sacrificed in the war effort.’
    • ‘Tours of the grounds include a walk through a forest filled with pine, cryptomeria, acacia and a wide variety of other plants.’
    • ‘Around it is a simple planting of dwarf cryptomeria, ferns, grasses, and laceleaf maples.’
    • ‘The image of stout columns of unfinished cypress, standing in a court of white pebbles and sheltered by a dense cryptomeria forest, resonates with cherished assumptions about Japanese culture.’


Modern Latin, from crypto- ‘hidden’ + Greek meros ‘part’ (because the seeds are concealed by scales).