Definition of cryptograph in English:



  • 1A coded message.

    ‘you must solve the cryptograph to find the correct coordinates’
    • ‘One by one, as the characters of a cryptograph became explicit.’
    • ‘I would find the cryptograph, the secret code...’
    • ‘By the end of this activity, students will be able to decipher a cryptograph.’
    • ‘In part, it is a war story, but one that is smart enough to know that wars are won because of superior technology and with codes and cryptographs.’
    • ‘He starts decoding the complex cryptograph with the help of his fellow officer.’
    cipher, secret language, secret writing, set of symbols, key, hieroglyphics
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  • 2A device for encoding or decoding messages.

    ‘in 1867 he unveiled his cryptograph, which used two clock-like hands, connected by gears’
    • ‘In all cryptographs based upon the use of rotatable cipher wheels, means are embodied within the cryptograph for automatically changing the rotatory portions of the cipher wheels during the course of enciphering or deciphering a message.’
    • ‘Wheatstone also displayed his Cryptograph at the Paris Exposition of 1867.’
    • ‘The new machine, called a cryptograph, in receiving the message as originally written by the sender and enciphering it mechanically, eliminates the human factor of the code clerk.’
    • ‘These programmers probably spend the programming time they save working cryptographs.’
    • ‘He invented a cryptograph or secret despatch writer, which is supposed to be indecipherable.’