Definition of cryptococcal in English:



  • See cryptococcosis

    • ‘Rarer conditions include aspergillosis (a serious lung infection) and cryptococcal meningitis (infection causing swelling in the brain, which can be life threatening).’
    • ‘Pathological examination of the brain in cryptococcal meningitis typically shows mucinous exudates covering the superolateral aspect of the brain, unlike the basal exudates of tuberculous arachnoiditis.’
    • ‘The patient's condition deteriorated; he had periods of altered mental status, went into a coma, and died on day 17 of his admission because of cryptococcal meningitis and fungemia.’
    • ‘As many as 13% of all AIDS patients suffer a life-threatening cryptococcal infection at some time during the course of their HIV disease.’
    • ‘The cryptococcal antigen was elevated in only one case and no patient had evidence for central nervous system involvement.’