Definition of cryogenically in English:



  • See cryogenic

    • ‘His son arranged to have his remains cryogenically frozen.’
    • ‘They were cryogenically frozen during the travel to conserve resources.’
    • ‘The detector is housed in a vacuum assembly, cryogenically cooled to -320 degrees F.’
    • ‘He plans to cryogenically freeze his head.’
    • ‘All water vapour was removed cryogenically from individual sample break-seal tubes.’
    • ‘The shiny metal cylinders represent the latest technology for storing fungi cryogenically.’
    • ‘The shuttle telescope was to have an aperture of nearly one meter and would be cryogenically cooled.’
    • ‘Many thousands of worms were stored cryogenically for use as a control.’
    • ‘At his death, his body was preserved cryogenically.’
    • ‘She and three assistants load up $100,000 machines with tiny samples of cryogenically preserved tissue.’