Definition of crown moulding in English:

crown moulding


  • US term for cornice
    • ‘So much for throwing the tape measure away before putting up the new crown molding.’
    • ‘As you may know, crown moulding - either wood or plaster - will give any room a more formal look, and will bring the gaze from its usual eye-level height up toward the ceiling.’
    • ‘You should definitely caulk along the top of the baseboards, along the edge of the crown moulding were it meets the paneling, around all window and door casings and along corner moulding, if you have it.’
    • ‘But we go to their house and we show them how to start a crown molding or paint a wall or fix a leaky toilet.’
    • ‘The crown moldings, the banister, the chair rail, the table next to the staircase, the Corinthian columns holding up the archways to the corridors - they had all been dusted too, in preparation of the event.’
    • ‘The handsome crown moldings throughout the first floor display the same richness, yet lack any hint of the overornamentation or garishness that characterizes some later Italianate houses.’
    • ‘Maple wood is used extensively for the room furnishings (armoire, nightstands, headboard and dressing table) as well as the crown molding in each ceiling.’
    • ‘He designed distinctive frames for the pictures and made sure the baseboards and crown moldings were painted to harmonize with the colored fabrics he used to cover the walls.’
    • ‘New oak floors and a flat ceiling tie the areas together, while ornamental details, including crown molding and beaded paneling, complement the architectural character of the 80-year-old structure.’
    • ‘Dilapidated light fixtures were replaced and hardwood floors and crown molding installed.’
    • ‘For a seamless look, take your wallpaper border to the paint store and ask them to custom-match colors for the ceiling and for the crown molding.’
    • ‘Finishing touches, such as crown molding, can enhance a room's personality.’
    • ‘Hardwood floors and crown molding are complemented by a spacious fireplace, while the built-in stereo system is a nod to the couple's penchant for entertaining.’
    • ‘Crown molding, also referred to as crown moulding, or cornice, is probably THE most important architectural element used to define any interior space.’
    • ‘The crown molding was completely stripped and looked practically new.’
    • ‘All the rooms had crown moldings, and five of the rooms of the house contained lovely fireplaces.’
    • ‘Many people seem to think that a room either has crown molding or it doesn't, but it's quite inexpensive to buy and install; you can even put it up yourself.’
    • ‘Usually the materials are cheap, although selecting upscale trim like a crown molding with dentil blocking can drive up the cost.’
    • ‘It's that before we could paint, we had to install the recessed lights and put up the crown molding, which, of course, meant about 20 trips to home improvement land.’
    • ‘But even with your lower ceiling height, a thin crown molding will still lend an air of elegance to the room, and give it a more finished look.’