Definition of crown jewel in English:

crown jewel


  • 1The crown and other ornaments and jewellery worn or carried by a sovereign on certain state occasions.

    ‘the Crown Jewels of the British monarchy’
    • ‘The uniforms, gowns, robes and the Crown Jewels themselves are spectacular.’
    • ‘The Crown Jewels of the British monarchy have been around for over 800 years.’
    • ‘The Cullinan Diamond is on display at the Tower of London and is part of the British Crown Jewels.’
    • ‘Crown Jewels might include everything from the regalia to swords, tiaras, rings and brooches.’
    • ‘If you want to really know London, don't stop at the Tower of London with its gloomy turrets and Crown Jewels.’
    • ‘Edinburgh Castle is home to Scotland's Crown Jewels, the oldest Royal Regalia in the UK.’
    • ‘Christopher Columbus's exploration of the Americas was funded by the Spanish royal family pawning their Crown Jewels.’
  • 2A particularly valuable or prized possession or asset.

    ‘one of Istanbul's architectural crown jewels’
    ‘he is under pressure to sell the crown jewel of his retail empire’
    • ‘He coveted Paramount Communications, whose crown jewels included Simon & Schuster and Paramount movie studios.’
    • ‘It's perhaps the crown jewel of Hollywood's golden era.’
    • ‘The government's corporate crown jewels are also earmarked for privatisation.’
    • ‘More than 30 years later, this feast for the eyes and ears still shines brilliantly as one of the musical genre's crown jewels.’
    • ‘She had already won the same contest twice, in 1998 and '99, before turning her attention to her sport's crown jewel, the Fitness Olympia.’
    • ‘Defenders setting up a wall to face a free kick near the penalty area will not longer be allowed to protect their crown jewels with their hands.’
    • ‘You won't mind wintry skies at the skating rink in Forest Park, which is the city's crown jewel and an even better destination in the summer.’
    • ‘But the crown jewel is the restored Verde Canyon Railroad, which steers visitors through the layers of time in Clarkdale and the surrounding countryside.’
    • ‘It's the crown jewel of media because they have a set of assets that's unmatched.’
    • ‘The crew at Dinosaur Cove expected to find dino fossils, but the crown jewel would be a mammal bone - evidence of mammals living among dinosaurs in Australia is fairly rare.’
    • ‘Our research universities are our crown jewels and we simply have to invest in them in a serious way.’
    • ‘It's been called the crown jewel of the military health system.’
    • ‘These are the crown jewels of America's national park system and justifiably renowned.’
    • ‘Within this treasure trove of biodiversity, the crown jewel is a seven-year-old national park on a peninsula in the northeast corner.’
    • ‘You know, they've been the crown jewel of law enforcement.’
    • ‘HBO has been a consistent producer of quality alternative programming, and Six Feet Under is one of their crown jewels.’
    • ‘The Social Security Act of 1935 was the crown jewel of the government activism of the New Deal.’
    • ‘With its exquisite, blue-tile mosaics and golden dome, the larger of the two Muslim holy places, known as the Dome of the Rock, is the crown jewel of Jerusalem's skyline.’
    • ‘The crown jewels of the exhibit are the two original journals.’
    • ‘One of racing's crown jewels, the Grand National is the world's greatest steeplechase.’
    • ‘On the other hand, art lovers can spend weeks visiting the 100 plus museums in the city with, of course, the Louvre being the crown jewel.’
    • ‘A company could implement a lot of sophisticated technology, but if it is not protecting the organization's crown jewels, it is not worthwhile.’
    • ‘The crown jewel of the telecom boom, a state-of - the-art cable system on the ocean floor capable of carrying 90 percent of the pacific telecom traffic.’
    • ‘Album of the Year is the crown jewel of music's biggest prize, and those albums are the best they could come up with in 2003.’
    • ‘Below them and to the south, the island volcanoes of the Dutch East Indies stretched back along their course, an arrow pointing toward Australia and a crown jewel of their own empire.’
    • ‘They have also succeeded in getting rid of the college's crown jewels, the experienced staff who have served it so well for so many years.’
    • ‘To me, he was one of Warner Brothers' crown jewels, adding a touch of class to virtually every film he was in whether period piece or modern drama.’
    • ‘The Artsgarden is one of the city's crown jewels.’
    • ‘Despite being the crown jewel of the Warsaw Pact, East Germany's social and economic infrastructure lagged far behind that of West Germany.’
    • ‘The cricket ground is one of the city's crown jewels and cricket one of its major sporting attractions.’
    • ‘The migration of more than a thousand head of bison wandering out of the park in search of food gave him and other Montana ranchers a different perspective of the crown jewel of America's national parks.’
    • ‘Opponents of privatization won a three-month moratorium on further deals, saying that the country shouldn't give away its "crown jewels."’
    1. 2.1humorous A man's genitals.
      • ‘Defenders setting up a wall to face a free kick near the penalty area will not longer be allowed to protect their crown jewels with their hands.’
      • ‘The only thing Pete was flashing was his crown jewels after taking to the stage with his flies undone.’
      • ‘Whether you choose to sunbathe ‘au naturel’ or to keep your crown jewels undercover, we look forward to welcoming you to Gran Canaria's only men-only complexes.’
      • ‘It was quite hot that evening and not being a man to restrict his crown jewels in boxers all night, yours truly was sleeping in the buff.’