Definition of Crown corporation in English:

Crown corporation


  • (in Canada) a corporation owned by the federal or provincial government.

    ‘questions were raised about accountability, financial management, and transparency at Crown corporations’
    • ‘If the organization is a crown corporation or part of the federal government machinery, it will be governed by federal labour law.’
    • ‘The Crown corporation signed a memorandum of understanding to transfer one-third of its operations and workers to Accenture, a major management technology services company.’
    • ‘Stefanson said as a Crown corporation, BC Ferries isn't currently eligible for that program, although once the corporate restructuring takes place April 1, it probably would qualify.’
    • ‘On Mar. 1, it was announced that the old Woodward's building had been sold for $22.9 million dollars to B.C. Housing, a Crown corporation of the provincial government.’
    • ‘The entity is now a Crown corporation in its own right, and it's going to be off-loaded by the Tories for no good reason that anybody can see.’
    • ‘At the very least, Crown corporations and government-funded businesses aren't unique to only left-wing regimes.’
    • ‘The CBC was created in the 1930s as an arm's length crown corporation with a mandate to be both forum and vehicle for a national conversation.’
    • ‘With the exclusion of Crown corporation spending, health expenditures account for 38% of all government spending.’
    • ‘Some of Saskatchewan's crown corporations, such as the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. and the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, have been privatized.’
    • ‘Many publicly owned institutions and agencies are private in the sense that they are exempt from direct, or even delegated, public control; for example, Crown corporations, universities, even departments and bureaucracies of the state.’