Definition of crowberry in English:



  • 1A creeping heather-like dwarf shrub with small leaves and black berries, growing on moorland.

    Empetrum nigrum, family Empetraceae

    • ‘Wet meadows have abundant grasses, sedges, and rushes, while low-growing shrubs include black crowberry, mountain cranberry, shrubby cinquefoil, and three dwarf willows.’
    • ‘A faint track through the crowberry scrub led to a rightwards sloping ramp of black slabs which seemed to give way to a series of zig-zags amongst some large blocks.’
    • ‘Rarest and most unexpected of those are broom crowberry, a wiry shrub with crowded, quarter-inch-long leaves and black berries, and curly grass, a fern that has small curly leaves that look like immature grass.’
    • ‘It comprised mostly subalpine ground with tallish heather, blaeberry, and crowberry, with some patches of short heath.’
    1. 1.1 The edible but flavourless black berry of the crowberry.
      • ‘American Indians of the north-west and Alaska used to gather crowberries for winter food, preserving them by drying or, in Alaska, by placing them with other berries in seal oil.’
      • ‘The blaeberries, crowberries, elderberries and stinging nettles, along with the more than 30 types of fungi which he finds in the forest, find their way onto his menu.’