Definition of crottin in English:



  • A small, round cheese made from goat's milk.

    • ‘Crottin in French means 'dung' because of the cheese's resemblance to horse dung when mature.’
    • ‘For a firmer, stronger tasting cheese, there's no improving on the French ' crottin sur toast ' - if you can't get crottins use slices from a bloomy log.’
    • ‘The French are the past masters with towering "chevre" classics like the Sainte Maure log, little disc-shaped crottins and the pyramid-like Valencay.’
    • ‘Hit-the-spot snacks include things like chargrilled Highland beefburger, slow roast tomato with crottins, and a rather upmarket BLT.’
    • ‘The food packs are for two or more and we ordered a mixed herb leaf salad with crumbled crottin goat's cheese and red pepper aioli dressing to start.’
    • ‘I chose marinated grilled crottin cheese with crisp leaves and a honey and pink peppercorn dressing.’
    • ‘It's why that slapper from Orléans heard voices: dodgy crottin before bedtime.’
    • ‘In the more intense, soapy line there's the Irish Minigabher and, later this year, there may even be organic Scottish crottins from Wester Lawrenceton Farm near Forres.’


French, literally ‘piece of horse dung’.