Definition of crotch in English:



  • 1The part of the human body between the legs where they join the torso.

    • ‘All women should be conversant with basic self - defence, including how to punch the solar plexus and kick at the crotch.’
    • ‘In the second piece, the actual scans, moving through the artist's body from neck to crotch in speedy animation are set to the music of Ava Maria.’
    • ‘Squat to see if pants gap in back, or cut into the crotch.’
    • ‘Mind you, I was pretty sure by this point that the majority of my coffee was either on my crotch or in the back of the cars.’
    • ‘At one point in the show he imitated a guy in the front row, leaning back with his hand on his crotch, as if he were watching a movie.’
    • ‘The bottom of the window frame cuts off our view of their bodies at crotch level.’
    • ‘He hung there, layered with ice as hailstones formed, a grey powdery coating rushing out of the mauve and grey mist, invading his ears and nostrils, feathering his eyebrows, freezing his crotch.’
    • ‘He had been wounded in the abdomen and in the crotch.’
    • ‘I felt bodies brush against me, hands caress my arms and thighs, squeeze my crotch.’
    • ‘It is a kick in the crotch, a punch to the kidney and a savage body slam.’
    • ‘Kelly rolled his eyes back and adjusted his crotch.’
    • ‘Hip circumference was defined as the widest point, between the iliac crest and the crotch.’
    • ‘I had worn lightweight jogging shorts and knew that on certain equipment, particularly upright bikes and straddled equipment, the crotch might be exposed.’
    • ‘You cannot scratch at your crotch or your armpit while wearing the jacket because it just looks weird.’
    • ‘I moved my hands on his waist and positioned my crotch behind Jason.’
    1. 1.1 The part of a garment that passes between the legs.
      • ‘The inseam is the length from the base of the crotch to the bottom of your pant leg at the seam.’
      • ‘The length from the crotch to the waistband is called the rise.’
      • ‘Trousers should be worn on your hips, preferably with a low-rise, which is a shorter distance between the top of the waistband and the crotch of your pants.’
      • ‘The black trousers split at the crotch, and split again when I mended them.’
      • ‘There should be enough room in the crotch of the pants for you to sit and walk comfortably, without being excessively baggy.’
      • ‘Cecilia, one of my club divers, is only 5ft 2in, and the crotch flapped around her ankles.’
      • ‘In other words, avoid overalls and shirts that snap in the crotch.’
      • ‘In pants, full front thighs create diagonal wrinkles, pulling from the inside legs at the crotch.’
      • ‘When fitting the crotch, keep in mind that the back crotch seam will stretch because it's on the bias.’
      • ‘He ended up with scalding tea down his shirtfront and crotch, but was unharmed.’
      • ‘Firstly, the jeans had been worn by somebody for a whole year, with repeated washes, so as to achieve the proper sort of tiger-striped fading round the crotch and pale patches round the knees.’
      • ‘One way to solve your problem is to wear trousers that are longer from the crotch to the waistband.’
      • ‘Sew just a crotch lining so the seams enclosed between the lining and the swimsuit fabric.’
      • ‘The best clothes for these day to day needs are simple body suits with snaps at the crotch.’
  • 2A fork in a tree, road, or river.

    • ‘It is situated high up in the crotch of open-crowned trees, on top of treelike saguaro cactuses, on cliff ledges, poles, or buildings.’
    • ‘The nest, a platform made from thin sticks, lined with bark and greenery, is typically placed at a major crotch in a tree, 25-50 feet off the ground.’
    • ‘The following years, evenly spaced scaffold branches with wide crotch angles are selected to encourage a strong tree.’
    • ‘Look for overly tall leaders, crossing branches and narrow-angle crotches.’
    • ‘They typically nest in a horizontal fork or vertical crotch of a tree.’
    • ‘Furthermore, Blue Jays nest in all parts of trees, including crotches in the main trunk, large horizontal limbs, and near the tips of terminal branches.’
    • ‘Somewhat frustrated at the range, he walked over to a nearby tree, placed the barrel in the crotch of that tree, and proceeded to bend the barrel in the direction of the needed adjustment.’
    • ‘If we come to an ugly crotch or fork, the operator just snips it off as he goes, without even slowing down.’
    • ‘Because their feet are not large or strong enough to hold prey, shrikes find a crotch in a tree, a thorn, or barbed wire to hang their prey on while they eat.’
    • ‘Once the bag and line were lowered to the ground, a climbing rope was tied to the slick-line, which was used to pull it over the branch or tree crotch.’
    • ‘Wild orchids and bromehads find homes in the crotches of many trees.’
    • ‘Well, Ron had planted himself in a straddle position facing the tree, in the crotch of a very big branch and the trunk.’
    • ‘It amused Adriana to watch him do it, balanced in a crotch of his beech tree, fishing for hours in the morning and after a long nap in the heat of the day.’
    • ‘For the second cut, cut completely through the branch from inside the crotch well up from the ridge of bark joining the two branches.’


Mid 16th century (denoting an agricultural or garden fork, also a crutch): perhaps related to Old French croche ‘crozier, shepherd's crook’, based on Old Norse krókr ‘hook’; partly also a variant of crutch.