Definition of crossbar in English:



  • 1The horizontal bar between the two upright posts of a goal in football, rugby, hockey, etc.

    • ‘His shot was clearly intended for under the crossbar and a goal would have been a major boost.’
    • ‘A point is scored when the sliotar is played by either team over the crossbar and between the posts.’
    • ‘To score you must put the ball over the crossbar for a point or under the crossbar for a goal, worth three points.’
    • ‘They drew level midway through the half and were unlucky to see their shot at goal come off the crossbar.’
    • ‘He was denied a goal by the crossbar in the second half.’
    • ‘He was unlucky with a shot that rebounded off the crossbar.’
    • ‘His goalbound effort into a gaping goal struck the crossbar and rebounded to safety.’
    • ‘He picked his spot but the ball rebounded off the crossbar and was cleared to safety.’
    • ‘The fans in the arena knew about that winning kick the moment it sailed over the goal post crossbar.’
    • ‘He added another with a superb strike which hit the underside of the crossbar into the goal.’
    • ‘He scored twice and was denied a hat-trick by the crossbar and post.’
    • ‘From there it was on to the extra 30-minute game where I scored a goal off the crossbar which bounced over the line and back out.’
    • ‘After the upright and then the crossbar denied them a goal, he clicked into top gear.’
    • ‘He missed an open goal, hitting the crossbar from close range.’
    • ‘The game stayed 3-3 into double overtime, thanks mostly to the posts and crossbars.’
    • ‘But the meeting point of the post and the crossbar contrived to deny them what would have been a well-deserved lead.’
    • ‘His volley crashed off the underside of the crossbar and into the goal on 50 minutes to give his side the lead.’
    • ‘He might even have scored a brilliant goal but the crossbar came to their rescue.’
    • ‘However his outstretched leg just got that fraction of an inch too much under the ball and it skimmed off the juncture of the crossbar and post.’
    • ‘There are crossbars between the upright posts, forming an H.’
  • 2The horizontal metal bar between the handlebars and saddle on a man's or boy's bicycle.

    • ‘Parents sometimes add rear-mounted child seats and/or an auxiliary saddle fitted to the crossbar to transport children.’
    • ‘The bike still includes a back rest and chrome seat loop, with only the gearshift altered, moving from the crossbar to the handlebars for safety reasons.’
    • ‘Over the years her customers included Free French sailors, a poacher who kept a 12-bore tied to his bicycle crossbar, the writer John Wyndham and a dog that smoked a pipe.’
    • ‘They are warned against carrying friends on the crossbar or carrier, holding on to moving vehicles and entering the road from behind parked vehicles.’
    • ‘This system consists of an adjustable crossbar with metal fork mounts to hold your bike securely in place.’