Definition of crossable in English:



  • (of a river or road) allowing safe, easy, or unobstructed access from one side to the other.

    ‘in places the usually crossable river had become five feet deep’
    • ‘The pool is free-form, exquisitely landscaped and crossable via an arched bridge.’
    • ‘If that ocean was crossable then the next one must be too!’
    • ‘They have to make sure that that river is actually crossable for both men and equipment.’
    • ‘Above and below, two crossable fords had eluded his exhausted men.’
    • ‘Mountain rivers can become raging torrents extremely quickly, and what was crossable in the morning may not necessarily be crossable on your return in the evening.’
    passable, negotiable, traversable, able to be sailed on, able to be travelled on
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