Definition of cross training in English:

cross training


mass noun
  • 1The action or practice of training or being trained in more than one role or skill.

    ‘we do a lot of cross training, so all employees know three different jobs’
    • ‘This project will provide unique cross-training opportunities in biology and engineering for undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows.’
    • ‘They've gotten used to 1 person doing the job that 3 people used to do, and they don't develop a back up system - there's no cross-training.’
    • ‘The manager is expected to build and maintain a world class optical engineering team through mentoring, cross training and recruiting.’
    • ‘You will further assist in developing a job mentorship program to ensure adequate cross training and employee development takes place.’
    • ‘We have also conducted multiple cross-training sessions to educate our various sales teams and account managers about the products and services.’
    • ‘He established and maintained processes and procedures for hiring new sales and service representatives, developed a training program and worked with other departments to establish cross-training.’
    • ‘One such technique, known as cross-training, sees team members swap roles with each other on given days.’
    • ‘By cross-training, re-skilling, and up-skilling employees, organizations are also developing a talent pipeline capable of meeting changing business needs.’
    • ‘The researchers concluded that the cross-training approach was "an extremely effective team-building tool".’
    • ‘They recalled how successful their earlier cross training had been and decided to try it out on the new employees.’
    • ‘Cross-training or basic employee training is a smart way for employers to make the most of their IT team.’
  • 2The action or practice of engaging in two or more sports or types of exercise in order to improve fitness or performance in one's main sport.

    ‘most serious athletes in any sport these days do some form of cross training’
    as modifier ‘rollerblades have become popular as a cross-training tool for cyclists, skiers, and runners’
    • ‘Yoga and Spin, a one-hour cross-training experience, zips the heart-rate prior to zapping the muscles into pliable poses.’
    • ‘And for those at risk of osteoporosis, swimming is excellent cross-training when paired with a weight-bearing exercise.’
    • ‘You can feel confident that you've got adequate cushioning for fitness walking if you choose a shoe designed for walking, running, tennis or cross-training.’
    • ‘After several seasons of cross-training, he has decided to rest.’
    • ‘My cross-training includes rowing and cycling in the warmer months, hiking and rock scrambling in fall and cross-country skiing in winter, plus yoga year round.’
    • ‘I have also been doing some cross-training and going to the gym.’
    • ‘In the ‘off-season’, I do a bit of cross-training with weights and try to incorporate other sports for general fitness.’
    • ‘There are certainly strong arguments for the benefits of cross-training.’
    • ‘If you're joints need a little lubrication, or your muscles crave a good deep stretch, why not add Bikram Yoga to your cross-training arsenal?’
    • ‘Educate members on the importance of cross-training with low-impact or non-impact cardio-vascular activities.’
    • ‘Remember that cross-training can be a more efficient method of reducing body fat than performing the same type of cardio every time.’
    • ‘Bodybuilders, concerned with building muscle not setting records, should wear a sturdy athletic shoe, such as one made for cross-training or basketball.’
    • ‘While cross-training can give specific and isolated muscle groups a rest, simply adding more workouts in another sport does not compensate for needed overall rest.’
    • ‘One is a comparison of a cross-training programme against a single sport programme.’
    • ‘I work out in the gym several times a week, mostly aerobic stuff and cross-training.’
    • ‘These scenarios should incorporate as much cross-training as possible.’
    • ‘I'll also continue with four days of running, two days of cross-training and three days of weightlifting each week.’
    • ‘But don't overdo it; excessive exercise without adequate rest and cross-training can cause wear and tear on the joints and lead to osteoarthritis.’
    • ‘Outdoor cross-training is one of the fastest-growing trends.’
    • ‘It's going to be more of a cross-training program where we focus not only on strengthening exercises, but more functional and balance exercises also.’


cross training