Definition of cross my heart (and hope to die) in English:

cross my heart (and hope to die)


  • Used to emphasize the truthfulness and sincerity of what one is saying.

    ‘I'm deadly serious—cross my heart and hope to die’
    • ‘‘I understand entirely, cross my heart hope to die,’ he said seriously.’
    • ‘‘I can tell you with the utmost truth, cross my heart and hope to die and all the rest of it, one Sunday night we heard Tokyo Rose and her propaganda broadcast,’ says Don, now aged 75.’
    • ‘Just tell me the truth and I cross my heart, I won't tell anyone else in the world.’
    • ‘Well this time I mean it, honest, cross my heart hope to die.’
    • ‘I had to cross my heart and swear to die and even then promise to do to her no harm before I could convince him.’
    • ‘I promise myself, cross my heart hope to die, that I will never again get into a car when Grant is behind the wheel.’
    • ‘Next time, cross my heart, I promise to share the recipe for my Super-Duper Mint Fudge Walnut Divinity!’
    • ‘Our cows, cross my heart, have the choice of their own vets while local horses have no need to wait for elective surgery.’
    • ‘I promise that I won't laugh - cross my heart, hope to die.’
    • ‘Honey I swear… I will not take any assignments… I know our last vacations were cut short… But this will be different… I promise cross my heart…’