Definition of cross eyes in English:

cross eyes

plural noun

  • The condition of having one or both eyes turned inwards towards the nose in a squint.

    ‘if a child has cross eyes, there are a few choices for treatment’
    • ‘If a child has cross eyes, there are a few choices for treatment.’
    • ‘Lazy eye can be caused by a refractive disorder or cross eyes.’
    • ‘The prison governor's side whiskers, cross eyes, and murderous expression reminded me of the turnkeys so aptly described by Melshin.’
    • ‘The eyes of newborn babies are examined for any obvious physical defects, including cross eyes, cloudiness, and redness.’
    • ‘She said yes to a guy that had a bod not dissimilar to a cross between a wine barrel and a pear and cross eyes to boot.’
    • ‘This difference can lead to lazy eye or cross eyes.’
    • ‘If cross eyes are not treated, your child's brain will not use his weaker eye.’
    • ‘Call if your baby has cross eyes after he is 3 months old.’
    • ‘This book outlines the basic chronology of a guy born with cross eyes and resulting low self-esteen who reinvents busking to suit his own needs.’
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