Definition of cross-promote in English:



  • See cross-promotion

    • ‘Borcheller said the range of activities helps to cross-promote different forms of racing.’
    • ‘The company's alcoholic beverage brands will be cross-promoted on the site.’
    • ‘The companies also envision $50 million in near-term sales increases, as staffs cross-promote each company's products with existing customers.’
    • ‘Find a company whose services complement yours and agree to cross promote each other.’
    • ‘Lifetime cable channel and the Hard Rock Cafe will cross-promote the Oct.12 breast cancer fundraiser concert, Women Rock!’
    • ‘We discussed trying to cross-promote our services, perhaps set up a shared website, with a page for each of our businesses.’
    • ‘In doing so, he hit on the very modern notion of cross promoting his wares.’
    • ‘It's not every day that two competing cable networks cross promote each other.’
    • ‘Discovery bought the Nature Co. about three years ago to expand the business and cross-promote Discovery programming.’
    • ‘Hollinshead says both papers will now work more closely together, cross-promoting each other's properties.’
    • ‘Each team will try to cross promote the others current offers in the push to reach $50,000 in donations.’
    • ‘TriHealth used the Subway restaurant across the street to cross promote the Burn Fat Faster program.’
    • ‘The site can also cross-promote with the existing College Broadcast video service, which reaches approximately 750,000 students.’
    • ‘The TV station does not cross-promote the newspaper much either.’
    • ‘Ever since, the media conglomerates have indeed been looking in every nook and cranny of their ever-expanding empires for ways to cross-promote.’
    • ‘AIM's demographic is very similar to Bebo's, so we felt there was a great opportunity to cross-promote.’
    • ‘We're not going to benefit from CNN and AOL being able to cross-promote.’
    • ‘But internet and magazine publishers are particularly worried about the BBC's ability to cross-promote its services.’
    • ‘Money from the slot machines will be used to boost purses and Wells said the track plans to cross promote its casino and racing.’
    • ‘In April this year they cross promoted Ford cars with their own promos for their Sunday night line up.’