Definition of cross-curricular in English:



  • Involving curricula in more than one educational subject.

    ‘the majority of schools adopted a cross-curricular and thematic approach’
    • ‘The campaign also encourages cross-curricular links based on sport.’
    • ‘Another aspect of teaching science is the idea of cross-curricular teaching.’
    • ‘There is a rich programme of educational visits and activities in school, complemented by a wealth of cross-curricular opportunities in Music, Sport, Drama and much more.’
    • ‘The recommended cross-curricular topic on potatoes is particularly revealing.’
    • ‘A school-wide, cross-curricular project evolved.’
    • ‘Each year, one painting from the London collection is picked to inspire cross-curricular work in primary schools.’
    • ‘Included will be ‘a teacher's guide of five curricular units with teacher tips, cross-curricular activities and assessment methods.’’
    • ‘But we have hardly begun to equip ourselves or our children with the sophisticated subject-specialised, cross-curricular education that will be needed for such a conversation.’
    • ‘This activity book offers ready-to-use lessons and cross-curricular activities.’
    • ‘The school prides itself on cross-curricular links.’
    • ‘Coursework will be largely scrapped and replaced with a cross-curricular research project.’
    • ‘Your cross-curricular question between the three sciences was top level and I hope to see more good work from you.’
    • ‘The proposed changes would see a subject-based curriculum replaced by one organised around cross-curricular themes.’
    • ‘We have taken a really cross-curricular approach to this.’
    • ‘The cross-curricular initiative gave Ireland's 3,500 primary schools the opportunity to describe their local heritage.’
    • ‘Another idea would be to use a history assignment for a cross-curricular approach.’
    • ‘It will show how a holistic cross-curricular approach prepares children for a changing economy through developing creative, flexible thinking.’
    • ‘It's a most engaging cross-curricular confection of books.’
    • ‘The highly successful scheme relies upon the exchange of pupils’ work on joint cross-curricular projects.’
    • ‘Literature is an easy, affordable, multidimensional, cross-curricular way to both educate teens about the world and allow them to learn about themselves and their pretensions in a safe and productive way.’