Definition of croquet in English:



mass noun
  • 1A game played on a lawn, in which wooden balls are driven through a series of square-topped hoops by means of mallets.

    as modifier ‘a croquet lawn’
    • ‘We used to play croquet on a croquet lawn at the back of the house.’
    • ‘Several people started a game of croquet, while a couple of the girls stripped down to bathing suits to sunbathe.’
    • ‘Alfred picks up the discarded croquet mallets and follows them.’
    • ‘With more leisure time available, lawn sports became fashionable, and games like croquet and lawn tennis cemented the value of a thick, well-groomed lawn as a base for family activities.’
    • ‘The resort also has a supervised children's indoor area, tennis courts, a croquet lawn, a bowling green and archery facilities.’
    • ‘Visitors will be able to browse around bring and buy stalls, enjoy refreshments and take part in a game of croquet.’
    • ‘She swung the croquet mallet up onto her shoulder as though carrying a rifle in a passing out parade.’
    • ‘As long as there are children, croquet sets and lawn chairs, there will always be a reason for a lawn.’
    • ‘A game of croquet takes most of the day, and the two teams of four commenced at nine in the morning with doubles.’
    • ‘The afternoon of croquet and side games will be followed by a social get-together.’
    • ‘It has a heated outdoor pool, outdoor kitchen and croquet lawn.’
    • ‘Some people like precise formal gardens, some want to play croquet on a big lawn, others like the wild country look.’
    • ‘I played my first game of croquet on the lawn in his beautiful garden.’
    • ‘My brother and I took a radio out onto the lawn and there smashed it into a thousand pieces with croquet mallets.’
    • ‘The grounds include a gazebo, a putting green, water feature, croquet lawn and walkways through parkland and woodland.’
    • ‘That said, nearly all four-wheel-drive cars are equally capable of amazing their owners by getting stuck on little more than a mildly sloping croquet lawn.’
    • ‘It contained a bowling green and croquet lawn, both taken up now with extensions and parking.’
    • ‘You can play croquet on the lawn after lunch, walk in the forest and take a fishing rod out to the local rivers.’
    • ‘In true Victorian style, you can play croquet on the lawn or chess, cards and board games in the games room.’
    • ‘Here the tennis court, croquet lawn and swimming pool are integral to the design.’
    1. 1.1count noun An act of croqueting a ball.
      • ‘A player may take a croquet under certain circumstances when one ball hits another.’
      • ‘A rover has the right of the roquet and consequent croquet on every ball once during each turn of play.’


[with object]
  • Drive away (an opponent's ball) by holding one's own ball against it and striking this with the mallet. A player is entitled to do this after their ball has struck an opponent's.

    • ‘Oh good, she said, and wiped the lawn with me, roqueting and croqueting my balls to oblivion.’


Mid 19th century: perhaps a dialect form of French crochet ‘hook’.