Definition of cropland in English:



mass nounalso croplands
  • Land used for growing crops.

    • ‘Its watershed is highly agricultural, mostly made up of cultivated croplands, pastures, or fallow land.’
    • ‘African herdsmen gather, or corral, their animals directly onto croplands at night between crop cycles.’
    • ‘Forests, croplands, and grasslands around the world are thought to be valuable for offsetting carbon dioxide emissions from industry and vehicles.’
    • ‘Land also shifts among agricultural uses, such as pasture and cropland.’
    • ‘The spreading of manure on cropland or pasture can be a source of odors.’
    • ‘When landslides destroy cropland, farmers slash and burn adjacent forests in order to feed their families.’
    • ‘To this end, many thousands of acres of cropland have been terraced.’
    • ‘An estimated 80,000 acres of cropland in four counties was affected by the hail.’
    • ‘The result was a healthier diet for the cows and a better net return per acre of cropland.’
    • ‘Of this total, 75.5 million acres was used for cropland.’
    • ‘The region is representative of more than 7 million acres of Midwest cropland.’
    • ‘Nearly 94,000 acres of Ohio cropland were involved.’
    • ‘When spraying borders adjoining cropland, be sure to read and follow harvest and grazing restrictions.’
    • ‘Calculations of this type, applied to different farms, will frequently show needs of 2 to 6 tons of manure per acre of cropland.’
    • ‘Vegetation is tropical rainforest, with increasing areas of pasture and cropland outside the station.’
    • ‘Irrigation equipment has been adapted for disposal of liquid manure and wastewaters on cropland.’
    • ‘Using aerial photographs, farmers can get detailed overviews of their croplands to see which plants look healthy and which don't.’
    • ‘How can researchers accurately estimate where, when, and how many grasshoppers are invading croplands from surrounding areas?’
    • ‘The procedure should then be repeated in different areas surrounding cropland or in different areas of rangeland and pastures.’
    • ‘As much or more management is required for grasslands than for cropland, he said.’