Definition of Cromerian in English:



  • 1Relating to or denoting an interglacial period in the Middle Pleistocene of Britain and northern Europe, preceding the Elster (Anglian) glaciation.

    • ‘Preceding and separating the cold glacial periods were three main interglacials (Cromerian, Hoxnian, and Ipswichian) when the climate was rather warmer.’
    • ‘The length of this Middle Pleistocene stage is still unclear, but the sediments indicate that the Cromerian period was characterised by flucutuations between cold and temperate climates.’
    • ‘The site in which it was collected is the type site for the Cromerian interglacial period and is a prehistoric river bed that existed over 500,000 years ago in north Norfolk, England.’
    • ‘We were looking at deposits of lower and middle Pleistocene age here; the Lowestoft Till of the Anglian glaciation resting as fallen blocks on the dark, organic layer of the Cromerian interglacial fresh water bed.’
    • ‘In 1969 blasting at a Somerset quarry exposed a massive cave, filled with well-preserved faunal remains and flint artefacts attributed to the Cromerian interglacial of the Middle Pleistocene.’
    1. 1.1as noun the Cromerian The Cromerian interglacial period or the system of fossil-rich deposits laid down during it.


Early 20th century: from Cromer, in Norfolk, site of an outcrop of fossil-rich deposits from this period, + -ian.