Definition of crofter in English:



  • A person who farms a croft.

    • ‘I worked with farmers and crofters and did all types of work to get a bite to eat and a few cigarettes.’
    • ‘It not only gives you very beautiful pictures of Shetland but it gets down to the life of the crofters and fishermen, and brings the naturalness of it.’
    • ‘And that was the oddest thing of all - nobody could recall having encountered a group of better-dressed farmers and crofters in their long lifetimes.’
    • ‘The majority of protagonists in the drama were tenant crofters who had farmed the land for countless generations, with only a tiny smattering of incomers.’
    • ‘Ken came from a family of crofters and was the first in his family to go to university.’
    • ‘Landowners with estates on which crofters or tenant farmers live are facing a different economic climate since the land reform legislation was passed.’
    • ‘Hebridean crofters and near-bankrupt tenant farmers aching for someone to represent their views must hold their heads in their hands at such miserable displays.’
    • ‘Dad is a crofter and a raddled drunk, who has an accident with a sheep that puts him in bed for a few days.’
    • ‘Farmers and crofters can apply for annual payments for up to ten years for adopting environmentally friendly farming practices.’
    • ‘In season, you can buy the exquisite little new potatoes that the crofters grow in the island's sandy soil.’
    • ‘I have friends and acquaintances who are farmers and crofters, many of whom, in upland areas, depend on sheep and lambs for their livelihood.’
    • ‘Twenty crofters who share common grazing can meet regularly to decide how many beasts each can graze on the common.’
    • ‘A crofter, however, by definition, is a tenant on the croft.’
    • ‘If farmers' sons did not marry within their own class, they were most likely to marry the daughter of a crofter or farm worker.’
    • ‘Crofting today is very much a part-time occupation and crofters still work in traditional areas such as fishing, as well as more modern ones, such as tourism.’
    • ‘This interpretation of crofting law would enable crofters to become their own landlords but continue to enjoy the advantages of remaining tenants.’
    • ‘There are many farmers, crofters etc, who would be only too willing to sell their land at £6,000 an acre to rid themselves of the unrewarding drudgery of much current farming in Scotland.’
    • ‘This award-winning candlelit restaurant housed in a crofter's cottage looks out over the sea and towards the Outer Hebrides.’
    • ‘The Act gave communities of crofters and tenants the right to bid for an estate, backed by public funds, when it was put up for sale.’
    • ‘For the last seven years, Scottish Natural Heritage has paid out around £400,000 each winter to about 100 farmers and crofters in recognition of the damage the geese cause.’