Definition of crocoite in English:



  • [mass noun] A rare bright orange mineral consisting of lead chromate.

    • ‘Beryozovskoe is also the type locality for crocoite, the first new mineral discovered and described within the Russian territory.’
    • ‘Next you will encounter lustrous orange crystals of crocoite from the Ural Mountains.’
    • ‘In March they went to the regular dumps of the Argent Lead and Silver mine for vanadinite, pyromorphite, and crocoite and then moved to the slag dumps, on which were found linarite, anglesite, leadhillite, lanarkite, and gypsum.’
    • ‘This field trip featured stops at a dozen diverse collecting locales, including the famous Adelaide and Red Lead crocoite mines near Dundas.’
    • ‘As I recall, I traded this for a Russian crocoite.’


Mid 19th century: originally as French crocoise, from Greek krokoeis saffron-coloured, from krokos crocus. The spelling was altered to crocoisite, then crocoite.