Definition of critically in English:



  • 1In a way that expresses disapproval.

    ‘a designer spoke critically of capitalism’
    • ‘On the other hand, it is considered critically in its claim to represent the colonized people.’
    • ‘He has also spoken critically of the former President.’
    • ‘She flicked on the small lamp next to her and looked critically at her reflection.’
    • ‘They're not allowed to talk critically about the country.’
    • ‘In prior articles and commentaries, you have spoken critically of the management of the museum.’
    • ‘Some of my remarks here are directed toward conventional scientists, who generally refrain from commenting critically on the wild ideas of a few of their colleagues because it is bad manners.’
    • ‘There is no evidence that his frequent absences in London were viewed critically within parliamentarian circles.’
    • ‘Looking at each other critically and building their own inadequacies out of competition and indeterminate goals, they rush forward thinking they have somehow grown beyond the mistakes of their youth.’
    • ‘Still, they responded critically on Wednesday to earlier reports of a purchase deal.’
    • ‘He returned to this in the next issue commenting critically on the rally in which a number of people were injured.’
  • 2In a way that expresses or involves an analysis of the merits and faults of a work of literature, music, or art.

    ‘a critically acclaimed novel’
    • ‘Choose films that are critically well-received and are box office successes.’
    • ‘In October, one of the most critically acclaimed artists working in Ireland will exhibit her work.’
    • ‘He recently curated a critically successful show of Jamaican self-taught artists.’
    • ‘Many critically acclaimed photographers teach to earn a living.’
    • ‘He held several critically acclaimed one-man exhibitions in the 1820s.’
    • ‘The film remains one of the most critically acclaimed modern horror films.’
    • ‘Though critically well-received, his works sold poorly.’
    • ‘He went on to direct that gallery for 11 years, mounting dozens of critically important exhibitions.’
    • ‘He is a best-selling and critically lauded novelist, and even a national celebrity.’
    • ‘This painting style was critically embraced as representing quintessential French qualities.’
    1. 2.1 In a way that involves the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement.
      ‘the reader must evaluate critically every article he or she reviews’
      • ‘The final project paper critically analyzes the project's successes and failures.’
      • ‘He permits himself to think and reflect critically about society.’
      • ‘They must also be assisted in developing their ability to critically assess information sources.’
      • ‘This discussion format encourages students to think critically about problems in a variety of ways.’
      • ‘Nurses must take the time to critically reflect on their levels of knowledge and skills.’
      • ‘Inspect the grain critically.’
      • ‘What tools can we use to critically evaluate this material?’
      • ‘Apart from a few honourable exceptions, the architects never seem to have examined their actions critically.’
      • ‘He critically reviewed the range of possibilities.’
      • ‘I learned from him how to critically read a newspaper.’
  • 3as submodifier To a potentially disastrous degree.

    ‘the critically endangered Hawaiian monk seal’
    • ‘Doctors are already in critically short supply and overburdened nurses often supply the only health care available.’
    • ‘The recovery of critically imperiled plants and animals is one our nation's most difficult natural resource challenges.’
    • ‘Following the horrific loss of life and injury, blood supplies are critically low.’
    • ‘When the hurricane struck, many local businesses were destroyed or critically damaged.’
    • ‘The continued occupation is critically harming the country's security.’
    • ‘She collapsed on New Year's Day suffering from critically high blood pressure and eclampsia with convulsions.’
    • ‘Today, the red wolf is still critically endangered.’
    • ‘We have a very busy unit and are critically understaffed.’
    • ‘Indeed, you can visit critically endangered animals in theme parks all across the country.’
    • ‘Some breeds of cattle, sheep and pigs are critically low in numbers.’
    1. 3.1as submodifier To an extreme degree with a risk of death.
      ‘two critically wounded people died in hospital’
      ‘critically ill patients who were awaiting surgery’
      • ‘A woman and her son were critically wounded by gunfire.’
      • ‘It has been almost three weeks since he was critically hurt in a car crash.’
      • ‘A senior nurse at the hospital said that the man was clearly critically unwell.’
      • ‘A 30 year old man was critically injured in a road crash.’
      • ‘Just weeks before competition, she donated bone marrow to her critically ill brother.’
      • ‘A teenager, who was critically injured, has been flown home to be closer to his family.’
      • ‘Their mother, Jacqueline, is still critically ill in hospital.’
      • ‘The sniper also critically wounded three people, including a 13-year-old boy.’
      • ‘Unstable, critically ill patients demand physician attention.’
      • ‘When police arrived, they found him critically injured on the ground.’
    2. 3.2 With decisive or crucial importance in the success, failure, or existence of something.
      ‘the livelihood of rural people critically depends on the use of natural resources’
      • ‘I applaud them for pursuing this critically important health issue.’
      • ‘The site is critically needed in order to fulfil housing requirements for the city.’
      • ‘Both countries are providing more critically needed helicopters.’
      • ‘The body is therefore critically dependent on breathing to maintain life.’
      • ‘It is critically urgent now that we grow into a new mindset of sustainable management and conservation.’
      • ‘Grassroots development is of course critically needed.’
      • ‘Beef farmers' income is critically dependent on beef prices in the autumn of this year.’
      • ‘Dairy is critically important to agriculture.’
      • ‘She is critically involved in overseeing the printing process.’
      • ‘The future of both economies critically depends on an ongoing improvement in the capital.’