Definition of criterial in English:



  • See criterion

    • ‘However - to reiterate a point already made - criterial links like this, though built into certain meaning-constituting postulates of the theory, are neither analytically true nor unrevisable.’
    • ‘But post-traumatic stress disorder is especially amenable to misuse because so many of its criterial features are non-specific and subjective.’
    • ‘In both of these respects, the inner sense bears an organizational and criterial relation to the senses, not only combining the information of the senses, but passing judgment on the results of this synthesis.’
    • ‘It is important, however, to emphasize that such capacities are not themselves intended to be definitive or in any way criterial for consciousness.’
    • ‘The theory supposes that, while different people can possess some different beliefs about race, they share certain criterial beliefs and these serve to define the concept.’