Definition of crispiness in English:



  • See crispy

    • ‘The batter itself, thinly spread, cooked to almost crispiness and folded in a square, was at first strangely sweet.’
    • ‘The crispiness of the crusty bread, the crunchiness of toast and the soft, yielding moistness of freshly baked bread are truly three of the wonders of life.’
    • ‘Just the right amount of crispiness on the outside and softness inside, contrasting with the sharpness of the lemon and sweetness of the sugar.’
    • ‘And the pastry had that pleasing crispiness on the outside while being velvety on the inside.’
    • ‘The pancake had a light golden colour with flecks of bright green spring onion and red chillies shimmering through the crispiness.’